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Meet Ghost Magnet Paranormal


Bradford has been in the paranormal game for many years, and this was a passion project he has always wanted to bring to life. A lifelong New England resident he has had no shortage of spooky places to explore. He learned that each location has a life and story of its own. What he hopes to share with you is the story as told by the spirits. Follow along on this intimate adventure where you will see his raw and genuine personality as he interacts with the spirits. With no producer or team to answer to, just a single camera person to follow him around, you will get the most authentic experience a video can bring you. It won’t take long to see why everyone that investigates with him has calls him a ghost magnet.



After many years investigating the paranormal, Heather started a business to continue to educate and supply others in the industry. She opened Haunted Emporium in 2021. The store is proudly stocked with both handmade items and other well known supplies and equipment. She also shares her intuitive gifts through card readings. So thrilled to be on this adventure with Brad, she can often be heard from behind the camera. You can learn more about Heather and find all her socials at

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